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Classic Downpipe System

UPVC fittings that make installation of architectural downpipes Quick and Easy! Your next project can now benefit from the stylish lines of the Art Plastics Classic Downpipe System.

  • Efficient and easy to install
  • Capture rainwater and still look good
  • Next generation “invisible” joins give seamless look
  • The affordable solution
  • Uses standard 90mm stormwater pipe

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Stormwater Classic M&M Tee 90mm

Classic to a “T” , the new 90mm Classic M&M Tee brings it all together. Sleek and Stylish, the Classic Downpipe Range gives you invisible joins and a seamless look . UPVC, efficient and easy to install, uses standard 90mm stormwater pipe.

Product Code: 41301 - 90mm S/Water "Classic" M&M Tee
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Classic Downpipes

Spec Sheet
90mm x 45Deg Classic M&M Elbow4110184
90mm x 95Deg Classic M&M Elbow4110245
65mm x 88Deg F&F Elbow4110380
100mm x 85Deg Classic F&F Elbow4111124
90mm Classic M&M Joiner41201150
90mm S/Water “Classic” M&M Tee4130124
90x30mm Classic Down Pipe Offset4270170
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