Revolutionary! The Art Plastics Tiled Wall Mastic Support and Plug n Guide are part of a revolutionary new system to effectively seal shower combinations as well as prevent injuries during construction.

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Mastic Seal Flange and Plug n Guide System

Sealing Detail

Mastic Support Flange The Guide Plug screws into the combination to stop water flow during construction. It’s design avoids kidney stab and head knocks. Use the Art Plastics 12mm Hexagonal Spanner or a standard shifting spanner to install. Once the Guide Plug is in place the Custom Diamond Hole Saw is used with the special Spindle to cut a perfectly positioned and sized pharmacy online hole around the combination. Then use the Custom Diamond Flange Recessing Disc to recess the wall around the combination to accommodate the Mastic Support Flange and enable a perfectly flat surface for tiling. Mastic is applied to bridge from the face of the wall sheeting to seal onto the body of the combination, with this detail, replacement of tap spindles will not cause the seal to be broken.

The resultant finish is easily sealed for a waterproof combination and tiled over for a perfect finish every time!