Product Warranty

Congratulations on your choice of an Art Plastics or Bounty Brassware product.

Art Plastics is a proudly Australian owned customer focused supplier of competitively priced high quality plumbing and bathroom fittings. For more than 25 years Art Plastics has been developing innovative products that solve the everyday problems of plumbers.

Bounty Brassware is the trusted name in designer bathroom fittings, combining clever designs with superior quality to enhance your bathroom’s look, feel & function.

  1. Art Plastics & Bounty Brassware Product Warranty
  2. Warranty Conditions
  3. Warranty Claims
  4. Dispute Resolution

1. Art Plastics & Bounty Brassware Product Warranty

Art Plastics warrants that Art Plastics & Bounty Brassware products will be free from defects for a period of 2 years*.

In addition to this warranty, legislation (including Australian Consumer Law) may give you certain rights which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified, this warranty must be read subject to such legislation and nothing in this warranty has the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying those rights. Read more about Australian Consumer Law at:

2. Warranty Conditions

This warranty commences from date of purchase or for new buildings on the date of handover. This warranty only applies to defects which have arisen solely from faulty materials or workmanship in the Products and does not apply to other defects which may have been caused or contributed to as a result of, without limitation, the following:

  • The product not being installed by, or under the supervision of, a licensed tradesperson.
  • Accidental damage, abuse, misuse or mistreatment.
  • Abnormal stresses on the Product beyond its designed purpose.
  • The product not being cleaned properly as per our Care Guidelines and / or generally accepted norms.
  • Damage resulting from installation or unapproved modifications.
  • Interference with or attempts to repair the Product after the Product has been installed.

* Excludes disposable and single use products including test caps and plugs, dust caps etc.

Note: It is the installer/customers responsibility to ensure:

  • The product is not damaged prior to installation.
  • They are happy with their purchase.
  • The product has all of its components.
  • All installation and repair work is carried out by suitably qualified persons.
  • Required maintenance and care is performed.

3. Warranty Claims

If you purchased an Art Plastics or Bounty Brassware item and it is not of acceptable quality or does not match the description, you can return it to the store where you purchased it.

  • You will need to present your proof of purchase (e.g. your receipt).
  • The item will be assessed based on its condition and age – as part of this process the item may be sent away.
  • If the item is determined to have a major failure you are entitled to a refund, exchange or repair.
  • If the item is determined to have a minor failure you are entitled to a repair. If the product is not faulty or has been damaged due to inappropriate use a refund, exchange or repair will be refused.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the store’s remedy in relation to your statutory rights or those offered by this Warranty then contact Art Plastics directly for assistance.

Email – [email protected]
Phone – 02 9896 7760

4. Dispute Resolution

If at any time you feel that your rights are not being satisfactorily observed by the store or our distribution agent then you may escalate your dispute in writing to:

The General Manager
PO Box 610
Wentworthville NSW 2145
Fax: 02 9636 2498
Email – [email protected]

» Download Product Warranty document.